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The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S is ZTE's answer to the new Redmi Note 4, ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S review: Great 23MP camera and premium construction at Rs 16, Review: ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S on ChinaTechToday | In april , ZTE has launched the Nubia Z11 Mini and was praised for its hardware, camera and design. In. ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S offers a stylish and sleek metal body, a 23MP rear camera and 4GB RAM for multitasking.

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Despite the review sidenotes the ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S is a great midrange device which has a beautiful unique z11 and camera great camera. We were surprised how it performed in the living room at night with just some artificial light. Nubia has launched an upgraded version of its Z11 Mini smartphone. And, frankly, it zte a solid development path to take. Oct 18, 11 zte news. Nubia Camera Mini zte nubia z17 plus has a metal frame that is made of series Aluminum Alloy with matte and frosting surfaces, giving it a smooth feel in hand. With nubia Full HD display with ppi it gets really hard z11 point nubia some flaws.
The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S is ZTE's answer to the new Redmi Note 4, ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S review: Great 23MP camera and premium construction at Rs 16, Review: ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S on ChinaTechToday | In april , ZTE has launched the Nubia Z11 Mini and was praised for its hardware, camera and design. In. ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S offers a stylish and sleek metal body, a 23MP rear camera and 4GB RAM for multitasking.

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Camera; 9. Conclusion ; ZTE nubia Z11 specification; the Nubia Z11 only managed to score an "Average" mark. Reviews Nubia Z11 review Page 6. Comments (40).
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Watch video · Do you want a fast, flashy smartphone that stands out from the crowd? The Nubia Z11 has a bezel-less display that looks amazing, a great camera, and a Snapdragon
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Jun 30,  · Digital Photography Review: All the latest digital camera reviews ZTE's nubia Z11 offers flagship ZTE nubia Z11 features optical image stabilization and.
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ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini review: Features good hardware but kills Camera: 7/ The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini #Nubia z11 mini review #Z11 mini review #Zte nubia z11 mini.
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Watch video · Do you want a fast, flashy smartphone that stands out from the crowd? The Nubia Z11 has a bezel-less display that looks amazing, a great camera, and a Snapdragon
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Watch video · Do you want a fast, flashy smartphone that stands out from the crowd? The Nubia Z11 has a bezel-less display that looks amazing, a great camera, and a Snapdragon
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ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini S offers a stylish and sleek metal body, a 23MP rear camera and 4GB RAM for multitasking.
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Watch video · Do you want a fast, flashy smartphone that stands out from the crowd? The Nubia Z11 has a bezel-less display that looks amazing, a great camera, and a Snapdragon

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Photos can be viewed and edited on a 5. Eventually, it went from fun to annoying and I ended up turning every single software gesture off. Asus ZenFone 4 Pro dual-cam comes with 2x zoom and portrait blur Aug 17, It supports side swipes and even packs a few practical tricks up its sleeves. On both models storage can be further expanded via a microSD-slot. Polaroid Moto Mod leaked, straps an instant printer to your smartphone. The 23 megapixel rearcamera is the real must buy reason for this smartphone.

Like its predecessor, the Z11 Mini also sports a 16MP camera and we of course expected good things from it, given the history. In the budget segments, phones need to be overall performers to be really recommendable.

We take a look. Camera The Nubia Z11 Mini has what is easily the best camera in the subk segment. The image quality comes really close to that of the OnePlus 3. Images taken in broad daylight show well balanced colours and are closer to source.

This leaves a lot of room for post production, which is important in a camera-centric smartphone. To counter lack of light, the software increases brightness, making images a tad bleak. The Pro mode can tackle this, by allowing users to control shutter speed, white balance, ISO and more.

The camera is faster than it was on the Z9 Mini , but Nubia would do well to tweak it further. There is a split second processing lag, which we would prefer to not have. Under low light, the quality of your selfies will dip.

It has rounded sides, a compact form factor and a familiar, but comfortable design. It has a glass back, which adds to the good looks of the phone, but it is a fingerprint magnet and relatively slippery. Overall, the Nubia Z11 Mini looks premium, is comfortable to hold, and feels premium.

Button tactility of the power button and volume rocker are good. The Gorilla glass 3 display is quite smooth in day to day usage and further adds to the user experience. The only issue with the display is in auto-brightness, which would often make the display too dim or too bright.

The maximum luminance from the display is Lux, which is quite low. The UI on the other hand is kind of a mixed bag. As with most smartphones from Chinese phone makers, the Nubia also skips the app drawer. One locks the display and the other apparently frees up RAM.

These are pretty much just gimmicks that adds no true value whatsoever. After all, why would you need a separate widget to lock the screen, right? The Accelerate widget is basically the same as Clear All on the recents menu.

The Nubia Z11 Mini also supports some gestures. The software at no point felt heavy and showcased some minor animations in some unexpected places as well. But there are things that it gets wrong. While the UI appears polished, it is still running an ancient Android 5.

This also means that you should not expect great battery life with doze and even the handy Google Now on Tap that is now a standard with Android Marshmallow. While the software was unsatisfactory, you do get some updated hardware on the Z11 Mini.

This is once again an updated Snapdragon with a higher clockspeed so you cannot expect mid-range performance that you would get on a Redmi Note 3 or a LeEco Le 2. With that said, we did not face any problems related to performance in day to day usage as the old software somehow played nice with the updated hardware.

The smartphone did not heat up and this is good since the was built to address that very issue. Games played well, albeit with lower textures and the smartphone can be used to play some intensive 3D games as well.

The phone did not heat up while gaming. Call quality is what you would expect from a budget smartphone and it sounds great. Audio quality using the built-in music player was pretty good and I could hear the bass and treble notes perfectly.

The primary camera performed really well and produced pleasing images. The images looked sharp and well-saturated. And the images remained sharp from corner to corner which is impressive for this budget smartphone.

In fact some of them were so bright, that I had to resort to the HDR mode to add some amount of realism. While many would prefer contrasted and saturated images, it is indeed not the real thing. Switching to low light, the camera still managed to impress.

Both, luminance and chroma noise seem to be suppressed very well and the Z11 Mini produced some good images with minimal noise which was once again impressive. Moving to dim lighting or night scenarios, ruined things completely.

Noise was over the top and the images appeared blotchy to an extent that they almost looked like oil paintings. Indeed I could blame ZTE image processing algorithms here as the camera performed really well in the previous two scenarios.

Overall, this is still a great camera that would shock many with its performance. The camera interface also packs in some additional modes, like Slow Shutter which improved the night or twilight shots to an extent , Multi-Exposure, a Light Painting mode and a Star Tracking mode as well.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this review, battery life is important when it comes to budget smartphones. Customers may not expect the best camera, but they will sure look at battery life when considering a budget smartphone.

And this is where it starts to get really tough for the Z11 Mini. While it packs in a new-age Snapdragon chipset, it does not pack in Android 6. This combined with a 2,mAh battery and a 5-inch Full HD display means that you are not going to get much out of this smartphone.

This would include two email accounts on sync, plenty of WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack and the occasional photography meaning that I would be hunting for a charger by the end of the work day, around 6PM, which is decent and not exactly stellar for a budget smartphone.

ZTE should have included a bigger battery considering that an update to Android Marshmallow forget Nougat is nowhere in sight. What I liked about the Z11 Mini was its design and that camera.

What I did not like was the battery life and the outdated Android 5. And it is a tough market out there with a lot of choices in the budget smartphone range. The same can be said about the current king of the ring, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 , which is priced Rs 11,, but packs in better hardware and a bigger battery.

It comes with 32GB of inbuilt storage and has a It comes with Android 5. Oct 28, Has festival of lights boosted sales? Yes, say modern retailers; dampener, say small traders. Brenner scores his 2nd of the game.

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Overall, Nubia Z11 Mini S offers an amazing combination of style and comfort in mid-range price segment. Complementing the design is the 5. The display offers a pixel density of ppi and brightness of nits. It is fairly bright and colours looks quite vibrant when you stream p videos, play games or browse internet pages.

The touch response is good and viewing angles are also decent, making the screen fairly usable in outdoor conditions. Nevertheless the 23MP rear camera delivers amazing results and makes the Nubia Z11 Mini S the best camera smartphone in its price-segment.

The pictures captured in daylight look sharp, have good detailing and colour reproduction seems really good on the 5. What makes Nubia Z11 Mini S a delight for photography enthusiasts, is the variety of modes and filters the camera offers to photography enthusiasts.

You have light painting, multi-exposure, slow shutter, start trail, slow motion, time-lapse, a clone mode, macro, and more. Besides, the filers section offers miniature, old film, fish eye, black and white, etc. I managed to capture some amazing macro and low-light star trail shots with the 23MP rear camera.

The camera can also record videos in 4K resolution and PDAF and beauty mode is provided in both front and rear snappers. You can check the camera sample shots below. Nubia Z11 Mini is a swift performer.

The smartphone is backed by the capable Snapdragon CPU, which is a bit octa-core processor built on the 14nm processing technology known for low power consumption. The smartphone performs everyday tasks such as web browsing, calling, camera usage, light gaming, video streaming, etc.

Application loading time is quick you can navigate from one screen to another and through the multitasking pane with no performance lags. The Adreno GPU also makes sure you enjoy games with no major performance issues.

Nubia Z11 Mini S runs on Android 6. I am quite pleased by the fact that how visually appealing the user interface is and how smoothly it works in everyday life. Thee edge features are powered by Nubia FiT 2.

You can control the smartphone with touch gestures on the edges of the screen by triggering interactive responses including adjusting brightness, switching between apps in the background, returning to your last used page and clearing apps running in the background.

These features in action look quite slick and come handy in day-to-day tasks. Gaming is not a problem either and most of the current favourites run without problems, provided the graphics settings are set to medium. With just A53 low-power cores inside, there are no heating problems either.

Call quality was fine and the caller on the other side could be heard loud and clear. The same can be said about audio quality while listening to music though the headphones. The output was well balanced.

What I did find annoying was the low speaker output. The volume levels were almost half of what the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 offered. This is disappointing since the phone comes across as a premium device, at a price tag that is a higher than the rest of the competition.

For a smartphone that comes with budget processing chops, I assumed that the high resolution 23MP camera at the rear was a gimmick. But I was wrong. To begin with, the software interface of the camera is brilliant.

There are a ton of photo modes available under Camera Family and most of them are worthwhile provided you have tripod handy. Everything that is available on the camera interface actually works.

There is a separate Pro section with the usual manual controls and even your now standard, Beauty mode for selfies. Coming to image quality, the lack of OIS can clearly be felt. The images shot using the primary camera looked impressive for a smartphone in this range.

They are not perfect, but showcased balanced and natural looking tones with the right level of sharpness. There is a bit of lens barrel distortion present, but the images showcased enough detail with the noise reduction on, made me forget about it.

The camera also has the tendency to over expose at times, but keeping the HDR mode on Auto takes care of this problem. Focusing thanks to PDAF was really quick even in low light and the built in modes that offered a zoomed preview for the Macro mode is well thought of.

Low light is a slightly different scenario. This however varied from scene to scene. At times the noise reduction was useful while at others I had to turn it off available in More Settings to get some detail in the image. Switch to the Pro Mode and here is where the noise reduction really shines with long exposures using a tripod that are sharp and literally noise free at ISO The selfie camera produced photographs with good detail at 13MP resolution as you can see in the camera samples gallery above.

Enough for me to call it a camera smartphone. Something, that you usually do not find in this price range. With a Snapdragon inside, paired with a 5. True to my expectations, the smartphone performed really well although not as well as the Asus Zenfone 3S Max , which is the current king of ring in terms of battery life.

Indeed, ZTE has worked on optimising the software which is why I ended up with such great battery life results despite the tightly packed 3,mAh battery. It features the perfect hardware combination and I have no complaints regarding its Rs 16, price tag because it offers a lot more than the competition.

With that said, the camera on the Asus Zenfone 3 that is priced at Rs 21, is better, but not by large margin. Our first impressions of the G5 Plus are out and you can have a look by clicking here. Go for it if you are coming from any of the budget smartphones mentioned above or are looking for premium design and capable camera in the sub Rs 20, range.

It comes with 64GB of inbuilt storage, expandable upto GB and has a It comes with Android 6. Mar 20, Has festival of lights boosted sales? Yes, say modern retailers; dampener, say small traders.

Brenner scores his 2nd of the game. President Xi Jinping serves gobi manchurian-style communism to make China great again. Samsung Galaxy Note8 Price: Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election Congress releases list of 59 candidates for 9 November polls.

Samvat stock performance in charts: RIL top wealth creator, Hosts win by runs. However, things get interesting when you flip the smartphone over. Zoomed preview in Macro Mode. PC Mark Battery Life test results. Z11 mini s battery life Z11 mini s camera Z11 mini s comparison Zte Zte india Zte nubia Zte nubia z11 mini s Zte nubia z11 mini s design Zte nubia z11 mini s display Zte nubia z11 mini s features Zte nubia z11 mini s specifications.

Processor Processor Octa Core Speed 2.

There is also Deep Trench Isolation technology, to keep pixels separated, Local Tone Mapping to help with dynamic range in backlit conditions and a patented 3D Noise Reduction technology for cleaner low-light shots.

Nubia seems to take great pride in the aforementioned trio. Speaking of the software, it offers a very clean and simple UI. The camera interface is intuitive. On the left side, you get quick toggles for the flash and timer, a button to switch between the two cameras and a settings shortcut.

On the right there is a shutter button, plus an effects and quick preview shortcuts. The settings are quite a few, but surprisingly easy to navigate. Some of the options are pretty advanced. There is also a timer and a toggle for the shutter sound.

The Z11 camera does have a dedicated video interface, which is great for proper framing. The mode also comes with its own settings menu, but the options are identical. You just have to remember to set them per mode, accordingly. Interestingly enough, some nifty features from the Z9, like the focus and zoom locks are no longer present.

Also, there are quite a few effects and special modes to play around with. They are spread out into two menus. One, hosts the filters and is fairly straight-forward and self-explanatory. We do appreciate the live preview though.

But the so called "Camera Family" surprisingly, far from the worst English translation in Nubia UI is where the really interesting tricks reside. Multi Exposure, Light painting and Slow Shutter are pretty self-explanatory, but not necessarily basic.

The first, for instance, has exposure modes. They are more or less variants on the multiple exposure idea. Effects and special modes. Electronic Aperture, however, is something different. It has exposure control, shutter, white balance, ISO and manual focus and is incredibly powerful and offers all the granular control you can ever expect out of a smartphone camera.

Incredibly powerful Pro mode. Beside the great deal of detail in the shots, the white balance is accurate and the colors are nice, even though they are oversaturated. We are also happy to report that HDR works better this time around.

This is an area in which the Z9 struggled quite a bit and the improvements are tangible. No longer do you have to sacrifice flat gray skies for some extra shadows and highlights. Well, not to the same extent that is. There is still room for improvement.

Panorama shots are equally improved in the Z The samples came out with plenty of detail and near perfect stitching. On the front, the Nubia Z11 has an 8MP snapper to work with. Price to Performance Ratio is excellent.

ZTE is the "other" Chinese brand. The Zeiss Milvus family of manual-focus full-frame lenses just gained a new member. Meet the Zeiss Milvus 24mm F1. Lightroom has built a brand new Lightroom CC from the ground up to be faster, easier to use, and cloud-based.

We take a look at the differences and what might prompt you to choose one over the others. Meet the HP ZBook x2. Earlier today, the camera giant announced that it had produced its 90 millionth EOS camera and millionth EF-series lens.

Leica is resurrecting a portrait lens from the s: This lens features just 4 lens elements, and was famous for its spherical aberration that creates extremely soft images. With expectations set high, the Pixel 2 has nonetheless left a very good first impression on us as we shot some initial sample images.

Leica is one of the oldest names in photography, and has long been one of the most prestigious. The result is a mighty tempting camera for travel. Google Photos is adding a few pet-friendly features that will make it easier to find photos of your favorite pooch.

Now, you can organize your pet photos by facial recognition, and you can even search your library by breed. Check out the unreleased Moto Mod, which was leaked earlier today. DJI has developed a technology called AeroScope that allows law enforcement to identify and track airborne drones that are breaking UAV regulations, while simultaneously addressing privacy concerns.

The Nikon D is a Is it all that these specs suggest? DxO has announced version 3. It adds support for multi-camera Facebook Live broadcasting and both time-lapse still and video capture.

Android users will be pleased to hear that a One for their platform is on the way, as well. Several new accessories are available, including a battery pack. We wrote about our experience using it as our only lens in Big Sur, California, but in case you missed out on our full gallery, take a look to see what this little lens can do.

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The little camera is drop-proof, freeze-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof to 50 meters. Submit a News Tip! ZTE nubia Z11 features optical image stabilization and plenty of storage 15 comments.

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Original Nubia Z11 5. Show all listings HowaboutRAW Foxxcon is mostly assembling components made by others. Does ZTE make the screens? Does ZTE make the camera? The Squire p or 4K? Lars Rehm p screen and 4K video.

The Squire Thanks Lars. Yes, I meant video Lars Rehm there are quite a few of those: Oct 18, 4 mobile. Zeiss reveals Milvus 25mm F1. Oct 18, 11 lens news. Oct 18, Google Research explains the Pixel 2 portrait mode. Oct 18, 29 mobile.

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OnePlus 5 camera review. Comments 40 User reviews nubia Z Oct 17, lens news. The Squire p or 4K? Besides, you have to adjust with Android 6. It supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, to name a few with practically zero configuration.

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